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Этап 5 - Гран-При Бахрейна

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Опрос: Этап 5 - Гран-При Бахрейна (29 пользователей проголосовало)

кто станет чемпионом 4 лиги ?

  1. Проголосовал Andrey Yakuta - Red Bull Racing (10 голосов [34.48%] - Просмотр)

    Процент голосов: 34.48%

  2. Проголосовал Victor Ivanov - Renault (19 голосов [65.52%] - Просмотр)

    Процент голосов: 65.52%


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Well I did but I don't think I was guilty because as you can see he tried to take defensive line but I was already there and after the corner I hit him and then gave the position. Nothing happened this is a racing incident and he didn't say anything about that. Whatever everything is over now :)
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Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

Team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes (Pro League) - Suchanice Dude & Eugene Bezgodov

Buy game, join LIVE, have fun. Tunngle and Hamachi kill the whole fun and only make me angry.

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